Have your Homework Checked

Homework Check !

  • Would you like to have your homework checked and reviewed? 
  • Do you need help with the outline and structure of an essay or paper? 
  • Would like your essay, dissertation or thesis to be proofread? 
  • Do you need someone to give you feedback and suggestions on your written assignment?
  • Would like your paper to be vocabulary, grammar and syntax error free?

For all the above reasons and many more, contact me to get your price quote for a Homework Check Session.

Ioannis Tzortzakakis - Top Online Tutor - Homework Check !

Homework Check !

    Do not forget to include in your email:

    • Your Full Name,
    • Your Email,
    • Your Subject (Art History, English, ESL, Greek),
    • Your Level (High school, College, University, Graduate, Professional, Adult Learner),
    • Your Expectations,
    • Detailed instructions,
    • Deadline (Date, time and time-zone),
    • Country,
    • Preferred online Payment method (via Payoneer or Paypal), and,
    • Your message. 
    • You may also attach any relevant material (optional). 

    You SHOULD include all the above information to qualify for a first response. Your request will be handled after your invoice has been fully paid. And, your project will be delivered before the set deadline. See pricing for more info.

    Contact me to get your personal quote now!

    * In any occasion, please, allow me 24h to reply. If you receive no response in 24h, it means that, unfortunately, I cannot be of your assistance right now. However, feel free to contact back at a later date.

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