Stereotypes supported by science

Read the article once and put the headings in the correct place.
A Men are better navigators than women
B Women talk more than men
C Men don't see colours as well as women

1 ...
Men have a reputation for wearing clothes that don't look good together - if men do look good, it's because their girlfriends or wives have helped them get dressed. Why's that?

Science says: Let's take a look at chromosomes - the parts of our DNA that control many things about us. The colour red is carried only by the X chromosome. Women have two X chromosomes. and so they are more likely to be able to see red. Men only have one X chromosome. How we see colour depends on the ability to see red. blue, and green. so women are more likely to see colours better. Being able to see colours well was important in prehistoric times when women looked for fruit for food. They had to be able to tell the difference between the types of fruit on the trees so that they didn't choose a type that was poisonous . For them, seeing different colours meant they could survive.

2 ...
Most men have a natural ability to read maps while women usually need to turn them round. How come?

Science says: Men are able to see the size and posit ion of things much quicker than women. This ability is called 'spatial awareness'. Researchers discovered in a study of four-year-old child ren that only one girl has this ability for every four boys. Once again, the explanation can be found in the past. Do you remember those prehistoric women? Well, while they were looking for fru it, the men travelled long distances to hunt animals. When they had caught enough, they had to find their way home again. And this is where they learnt 'spatial awareness'. The women didn't need it because they hardly ever went out of sight of their homes, but for the men. it was vital.

3 ...
Humans are social animals, so why is it that men don't like sharing their problems while women tell their best friends everything?

Science says: The answer is in the brain. The parts responsible for language are 17% larger in a woman's brain than in a man's brain. Also, women use both the left and the right side of the brain to use language, while men use only one side - their strongest side. And there's more. The part of the brain that connects the two parts together - the corpus callosum - is larger in women too, which means that they can move information from one part to the other part more quickly. Nobody is sure why these differences exist, but it's clear that women have a definite advantage over men when it comes to communication.

Read the article again. Choose the right answers.
1 Men can find it difficu lt to perceive ...

a three colours.
b one colour.
c any colours.

2 Seeing colours well helped prehistoric women ...
a find interesting things to eat.
b cook food correctly.
c choose the right fruit.

3 The results of the study showed that ...
a four-year-olds don't have spatial awareness.
b boys learn spatial awareness before girls.
c girls don't have spatial awareness.

4 Women didn't need spatial awareness in prehistoric times because ...
a the men were always with them.
b they never left home.
c they didn't travel far from home.

5 Men are worse at communicating because ...
a part of their brains are smaller.
b their brains are 17% smaller.
c their brains are larger.

6 The function of the corpus callosum in the brain is ...
a to communicate between both sides.
b to store different languages.
c to control the language process.

Stereotypes supported by science
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Text: Oxford University Press

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