My image of china-painting

Paint Your Own China

My image of china-painting (13) .... from a visit, long ago, to an arts and crafts exhibition where stern-looking grey-haired ladies demonstrated how to cover a teacup with delicate flowers using a (14) .... of deft brushstrokes. The spectacle was (15) .... , because each stroke formed a perfect petal or leaf. Their hands never wobbled, the paint never smudged, and the observer might have concluded that these women had either been (16) .... their art for decades or had been born with an extraordinary talent for steady precision.
(17) .... of this experience, I wondered what kind of people would have the courage to enrol on a course in china-painting. Would even the beginners display an (18) .... artistry? In fact, the atmosphere turned out to be far from intimidating. The students were all there to have tun and not even the tutor wanted to paint petals on teacups with the robotic rapidity I had remembered.

13 A stemmed B initiated C commenced D instigated

14 A string B collection C series D procession

15 A sensitive B riveting C charismatic D distinctive

16 A practising B exercising C working D expressing

17 A In respect B Careful C On reflection D Mindful

18 A intuitive B inward C inverted D integral

My image of china-painting

Text: Cambridge University Press

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