I'd love to go back to Venice one day but without Linda

Read the text and answer the questions below:

Last spring my best friend Isabelle and I booked a holiday in Venice. We rented a small apartment for a week with a fantastic view of the canals. At the last moment another friend, Linda, asked if she could come too. We felt sorry for her because she had problems with her boyfriend, so we said yes. Venice was magical and the weather was perfect, but the holiday was a disaster for one simple reason: Linda was so mean! She has a good job so she's not poor, but she just didn't want to pay for anything. When we went sightseeing she didn't want to go to any museums or galleries that cost money. When we went on a gondola she complained that it was very expensive. When we went to have lunch or dinner she always wanted to go to cheap restaurants or she bought pizzas and ate them in the flat. But the night I invited her and Isabelle out on my birthday she chose the most expensive things on the menu! The worst thing was that although Isabelle and I paid for the apartment. Linda never once bought us a coffee or a drink.
I'd love to go back to Venice one day ... but without Linda.

1 Where did she go on holiday?
2 Who did she go with?
3 Where did she stay?
4 What was the weather like?
5 Why didn't she enjoy the holiday?

I'd love to go back to Venice one day... but without Linda
Text: Oxord University Press

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