The true meaning and significance of heritage


The true meaning and significance of heritage is that it gives people and communities a genuine sense of connection with the past. Obviously, we feel connected to our personal heritage -usually, we know who and what our grandparents were, and we will have heard stories about how they lived. But, beyond that, there is a wider basic need to learn about our past, in order to help us understand and interpret our individual and national futures. Heritage represents a fundamental desire for continuity - assurance about the past goes a long way to assuring our future. It is through this continuity that we achieve our own place in history, our own 'immortality'.
ln the same way that you inherit your genes, you also inherit a culture which has been passed down through many generations. There are aspects of your national heritage that you may not like or condone, but it is yours, and it is reassuring to feel a part of something.
Heritage has a phenomenal amount to teach us and, 1 would say, is imperative for our well­being. It affects everything from customs to material culture. Traditionally, our link with the past was through the stories and legends passed down by our ancestors. But, because Western industrial society broke up communities and families, much of that oral tradition has already been lost. Instead, places and architectural 'memories' give us clues to our past. It is vitally important to conserve and restore these links as a testament to our ancestors' identity.

19 How can the writer's argument in the first paragraph best be summarised?
A. Heritage can reveal a lot about what might happen to us.
B. Heritage can teach us a lot about how our grandparents lived.
C. Heritage enables us all to feel important and famous.
D. Heritage makes us wish for stability and security.

20 The writer's main intention is to
A. supply information.
B. give a definition.
C. suggest an approach.
D. encourage research.

The true meaning and significance of heritage

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