AP Art History - Content Area 9: The Pacific 700-1980 C.E.

This unit makes up about 4% of the average AP exam, and it includes 11 works of art. The Pacific Ocean covers a massive portion of the Earth, and it is dotted with lush islands that are often filled with very creative inhabitants. This unit covers the artwork of Hawaii, Tonga, Fiji, the Philippines, and countless other Pacific islands.
The arts of the Pacific vary by virtue of ecological situations, social structure, and impact of external influences, such as commerce, colonialism, and missionary activity. Created in a variety of media, Pacific arts are distinguished by the virtuosity with which materials are used and presented.
213. Nan Madol
214. Moai on platform (ahu)
215. 'Ahu 'ula (feather cape)
216. Staff god
217. Female deity from Nukuoro
218. Buk mask
219. Hiapo (tapa)
220. Tamati waka Nene, Gottfried Lindaur
221. Navigation chart
222. Malagan display and mask
223. Presentation of Fijian mats and tapas cloths to Queen Elizabeth II

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