AP Art History - Content Area 7: West and Central Asia 500 B.C.E.-1980 C.E.

This unit makes up about 4% of the average AP exam, and it includes 11 works of art. The region covers China, Mongolia, and many of the former Soviet states in central Asia.

The arts of West and Central Asia play a key role in the history of world art, giving form to the vast cultural interchanges that have occurred in these lands that link the European and Asian peoples.
181. Petra, Jordan: Treasury and Great Temple
a. Nabataeans introduction
b. Petra and The Treasury
c. Petra and the Great Temple
d. UNESCO Siq project
182. Buddha, Bamiyan
183. The Kaaba
184. Jowo Rinpoche, enshrined in the Jokhang Temple
185. Dome of the Rock
186. Great Mosque (Masjid-e Jameh), Isfahan
187. Folio from a Qur'an
188. Basin (Baptistère de Saint Louis), Mohammed ibn al-Zain
189. Bahram Gur Fights the Karg, folio from the Great Il-Khanid Shahnama
190. The Court of Gayumars, folio from Shah Tahmasp's Shahnama
191. The Ardabil Carpet

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