AP Art History - Content Area 6: Africa 1100-1980 C.E.

This unit makes up about 6% of the average AP exam, and it includes 14 works of art. While Africa has a long history of artistic expression, many of its artworks have been lost. As a result, most art history courses cover only modern African art. This unit covers many the most important works that influenced the African aesthetic tradition.

Human life, which is understood to have begun in Africa, developed over millions of years and radiated beyond the continent of Africa. The earliest African art dates to 77,000 years ago. While interpretation of this art is conjectural at best, the clarity and strength of design and expression in the work is obvious.

167. Conical tower and circular wall of Great Zimbabwe
168. Great Mosque of Djenné
169. Wall plaque, from Oba's palace
170. Sika dwa kofi (Golden Stool)
171. Ndop (portrait figure) of King Mishe miShyaang maMbul
172. Nkisi n’kondi
173. Female (Pwo) Mask
174. Portrait mask (Mblo)
175. Bundu mask
176. Ikenga (shrine figure)
177. Lukasa (memory board)
178. Aka elephant mask
179. Reliquary figure (byeri)
180. Veranda post of enthroned king and senior wife (Opo Ogoga)

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