Kids explain art to experts (British Council, LearnEnglish)

Watch five-year-old JJ describing three famous paintings to professional art critics. Can the experts guess the paintings correctly?

Task 1: Multiple choice 
Choose the best answer to these questions.

1. What hobby does JJ say he enjoys? 
a. painting pictures 
b. playing marbles 
c. making things 

2. For the first painting, why is it difficult for Shana to guess a painting? 
a. because she is laughing too much 
b. because she can’t think of any paintings which are suitable for children 
c. because JJ’s description is very confusing

3. For the second painting, why does John laugh when JJ zooms in on the painting? 
a. because JJ doesn’t know how to use the computer screen 
b. because JJ says something very obvious 
c. because JJ thinks the dots are marbles 

4. For the second painting, what does JJ see when he zooms in? 
a. little people 
b. a yellow background 
c. little faces 

5. For the third painting, what does JJ compare the people in the painting to? 
a. animated creatures (like Mickey Mouse or Homer Simpson) 
b. pinkish pigs 
c. normal people in a photo 

6. For the third painting, what country is the artist from? 
a. Scotland 
b. China 
c. France

Task 2: Discussion 

Were you surprised by any of JJ’s descriptions? Can you describe a painting that you love?

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