Reading Activity: Mona Lisa in the Louvre

Read the letter. Then do the exercises that follow.

Dear Grandmother,
Yesterday we arrived in Paris. We are staying in a small hotel near the bus station. We can take a bus from here to all the places we want to visit.
Today we went to the Louvre Museum and it was amazing! Did you know
that a rich king of France built it hundreds of years ago? It was his palace. After that it became a museum.
The Louvre has got thousands of pictures. One of the most famous pictures in the world, the Mona Lisa, is in it. We heard an interesting story about the picture. One day in 1911, a man who worked in the museum took the Mona Lisa from the wall, walked down some stairs and left the museum. There were a lot of people in the museum that day, but they didn’t see him! Police officers looked for the Mona Lisa. After many months they found it in Italy and brought it back to the Louvre.
Tomorrow we are going to the Eiffel Tower. It’s got 1,665 stairs and from the top you can see all of Paris.

A Answer the questions.

1. Who built the Louvre?
2. What famous picture can you see there?
3. What happened in the Louvre in 1911?
4. Who looked for the Mona Lisa?
5. Where did they find the Mona Lisa?
6. Where is Mike going tomorrow?

B Find words for these definitions.

1. having a lot of money (par. 2) ...................
2. home of a king (par. 2) ..............................
3. not boring (par. 3) ...................
4. things you climb (par. 4) ...................

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