There is – There are

There is nothing interesting to watch.
There is nothing to do/to be done.
There is something that annoys me.
There is someone at the door.
There is a John on the phone.
There is time for him to do the project.
There is likely to be a problem.
There are said to have been protests.
I want there to be silence.
It is important for there to be an agreement.
There is a likelihood of there being riots.

It is – They are - It

It’s time she made a decision.
It is likely that she found a job.
It is said that he wrote many books.

It appears/seems that she is busy.
It is a long time since I saw him.
How long is it since you stopped smoking?
It occurred to me that she knew him.
It struck me that she deceived me.
It takes two hours to drive to London.
It took me an hour to finish the exercise.
I find it difficult to concentrate.
I would prefer it if you didn’t leave.
I like it that he trusts me.
I take it that you believe him.
I would appreciate it if you could help me.
She always makes it difficult for me to choose.
It looks/sounds as if he were lying.
It is George who was here.
It was yesterday that she flew to Paris.
It was what he said that made me upset.

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