Simple Past and Past Continuous

Simple Past

How long ago did he leave?
How long is it since you went to the cinema?
He has been here since he graduated.
While he was watching TV, the phone rang.
As soon as/When/The moment/The minute he came in, I
told him the news.
He no sooner came in than I told him the news.

Used to do/ would do

She used to go the gym, but now she prefers to go jogging.
Whenever he visited me, he would bring/brought flowers.
She would always have / always had breakfast.

Used to do / be used/be accustomed to doing

When I was in college, I used to wake up early.
I was used/accustomed to waking up early. = I was in the
habit of waking up early.

Be used to / haven’t got used to

I am used to living in the city. = I have got used to living
in the city.

Was to do / was to have done

I was to leave work earlier than usual.
I was to have done my homework, but something came

Past Continuous

He was having dinner at 8 o’clock yesterday/at this time
She was forever fighting with her brother.
She was getting better and better.
I was wondering if I could come later.

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