Simple Future, Future Continuous and Future Perfect

Simple Future

I think/believe/assume/expect/doubt/ hope that he will
find a job.
I doubt it whether she will come tomorrow.
I’m sure that she will pass.
It is likely/possible that she will retire.
“There’s no bread.” “I will go to the bakery.”
Don’t talk or she will hear you.
If you do this again, I will tell your parents.
Shall I carry this box for you?
Shall we go out?
Where shall I entertain my friends?
Get good marks and I will buy you a phone.
Will you drive me to the centre?
No matter what he says, I won’t do it.
Wherever he goes, I will find him.

am going to do

She is pregnant. She is going to give birth in
three months.

Other forms to express the future

He is about to leave.
She is on the point of starting her own business.
He is on the brink/verge of having a nervous breakdown.
The president is to give a speech at 10 o’clock.
The bus is due (to arrive) in an hour.
He is bound to find out the truth.

Future Continuous

He will be studying for ten hours tomorrow.
At this time tomorrow, he will be swimming.
Will you be working tomorrow?
As usual, she will be meeting her friends on Saturday.
He isn’t answering the phone. He will be sleeping.

Future Perfect

She will have done all the work by 7 tomorrow.
By the time/ When he comes, I will have finished.
She will have prepared dinner before the guests arrive.
Future Perfect Continuous
By next year, he will have been playing tennis for 10
By the time mum comes, she will have been doing the
housework for 4 hours.

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