Question Tags, Wh-Questions, Indirect Questions

Question Tags

He likes exercising, doesn’t he?
She didn’t love him, did she?
Everyone/Everyone was present, weren’t they?
Somebody/Someone helped you, didn’t they?
Nobody/No one will accept his offer, will they?
Nothing was right, was it?
Nowhere was relaxing, was it?
She hardly ever studies, does she?
I am pretty, aren’t I?
Let’s watch a film, shall we?
Let me play, will you/won’t you?
Turn down the radio, will you/won’t you?
Don’t touch this cable, will you?
Have some pie, won’t you?
This/That is Mary, isn’t it?
There’s a serious problem, isn’t there?
There weren’t any problems, were there?
He has a big car, hasn’t he/doesn’t he?
He has got two children, hasn’t he?
He had better move, hadn’t he?
She used to go to the gym, didn’t she?
He would prefer to leave, wouldn’t he?
She can ride a bike, can’t she?


Who did/didn’t you invite to dinner?
Who was/wasn’t invited to dinner?
Who invited you to dinner?
Who were you invited by?
To whom were you talking?
Who were you talking to?
Whose bag was stolen?
Which car will you buy?
Which of you knows him?
What/Which country are you from?
What does he look like?
What is he like?
What books do you like reading?
What happened?
Where will you go?
To which restaurant will you go?
Which restaurant will you go to?

Indirect Questions

Do you know where he went?
I have no idea what she likes.
I don’t know what time it is.
I am wondering how he did it.
I can’t tell you why she is angry.

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