Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous

Present Perfect

He has done two exercises so far/up to now.
He has been here since 2010.
He has been here since he graduated.
She has worked in London for ten years.
She hasn’t talked to him in two months.
It is/has been ten years since I (last) saw him.
How long is it/has it been since he left?
I have seen him recently/lately.
She has called him several times this week.
This is the first time he has (ever) travelled.
This is the best film he has (ever) seen.
He has never seen such a good film before.
He hasn’t finished his work yet.
Have you cooked yet?
He has yet to finish his work.
He still hasn’t done his homework.
I have been to Italy before.
I have been in Italy for ten years.
He has gone to Italy. He is coming back next week.
I have been here for ten days vs I am here for ten days.

Present Perfect Continuous

He has been talking on the phone for hours/ages.
She has been living in London since 2010.
She has been living in London since she finished college.
He looks tired. He has been working hard.
How long have you been reading this book?

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