Phrasal Verbs (selection)

I can’t account for his behaviour.

The children are acting up again.

Unemployment amounts to 23 percent.

What you’re saying doesn’t add up.

He’s been off work for days
You have a lot to answer for.

He asked her out to dinner.
I asked around but nobody saw my book.

My brothers always back me up.
He backed out of the agreement.

She is about to leave.
She is after a big dream.
He has been off work for days.

After the crash, the car blew up.
He blew up 20 balloons.

Please bear with him.

What has become of our teacher?

They booked up at table for three.

The subject was brought up during the meeting.
What has brought about such change?
He was brought up by his grandparents.

You should build up good relationships.

A burglar broke into our house last night.
She broke up with her boyfriend.
The prisoner broke out of jail.
The car broke down and I called the Road Service.

Guess who I bumped into the other day!

She burst into tears.

I called my friend back.
This calls for a drink.

She couldn’t carry off the task.
He carried on working.

The students couldn’t catch on.

Calm down before you talk to her.

He really doesn’t care for her.

She ran fast to catch up with her friend.

When they checked in at the hotel, they got their keys.
They checked out of the hotel before 12.
Their boss checks out all the employees.
Check out/Look at this crazy haircut!

He brought me sweets to cheer me up.

They cleaned up their room before going out.

He came across these old photographs.
His health is coming along.
The flowers have come out.
Some of my friends came round/by.
She came down with the flu.
The flowers have come out.
He came into a fortune.
The students came up with an answer.

We should count on our friends.

Please, cross out this piece of information.

He cried out for help.

You should cut down on smoking.
We shouldn’t cut down trees.
They cut off our phone because we hadn’t paid it.
I cut this picture out of a magazine.
She is not cut out to be a teacher.

She can’t deal with the problems.

I did away with everything old.
He is doing up his room.
I can’t do without a mobile phone.

I don’t understand what you are driving at.

Some friends dropped in unexpectedly.
Some students dropped out of school.
My friends dropped by to see me.

They dressed up to go to the wedding.

They entered into a competition.

He likes eating out.

The poster fell down.
My money fell out of my pocket.

You faced up to their problems.

They are falling behind with their lessons.
Luckily, the plan didn’t fall through.

He is filling in for the physics teacher.
Fill in your name in this box.

He couldn’t find out where she lives.

He doesn’t get along with his sister.
We were lucky to get away for the weekend.
The victim got back at him.
They get by on very little money.
Get on with your work!
They got nothing out of the lesson.
They got back from their holidays yesterday.
She got on/off the bus.
She got in/out of the car.
It is difficult for him to get over his problems.
Let’s get together tonight.
He always gets up early.
They got up and gave their seat to him.

I gave away my old clothes.
The teacher gave out the tests.
She gave up all her bad habits.
She gave away my secret.
It gives off a bad smell.
You should not give up trying.

The police went after the thieves.
You should go after your dreams.
Time went by fast.
The food has gone off.
You should go over all the details.
Go ahead and eat anything you want.
Are you going out for lunch?

Go over your answers before giving your test to the teacher.

When he grows up, he’ll become a teacher.

My friends usually hang out at the café.
He hung up without saying goodbye.

Traditions are handed down.

We were held up due to the traffic.

Hold on. I’ll be with you in a second.

He joined up the army.

She jumped at the offer.

She kept on talking for hours.
They can’t keep up with such a big house.
He can’t keep up with the good students.

They knocked down the old building.

His friend let him down.

They live on their parents.

You shouldn’t look down on other people.
The police are looking into the crime.
She is looking after her little sister.
I’ve been looking for my keys.
I looked up the meaning of this word on the Internet.
Children look up to their parents.
Look out! There is a car coming.

They made for the forest.
I can’t make out what he is saying.
You have to make up for the damages.
He likes making up stories.
They made up after their fight.

I always mix up their names.

You have to narrow down your choices.

He will pay me back in a month.

The old man passed away.
Grandparents pass down traditions.

She was so weak that she passed out.

You have to pay off the money you took.

I picked out a nice present for him.

Please, put down your bag.
They put off their trip to London.
Put on a warm coat.
Our teacher can’t put up with noise.

Their son ran away from home.
We have run out of petrol.

They finally managed to pull the project through.

The speaker managed to put his ideas across.
Have you put any money aside for the holidays?
Our teacher can’t put up with noise.
The match was put off due to bad weather.
She put on a lot of weight.
The firemen put out the fire.
The director put on a new play.

We have ruled out all possibilities.

He was run over by a car.
She ran into him the other day.

They set about early in the morning.
They set up their business last year.
They set up their own business.

Once they settle down, they will be happy.

Some people like shopping around before buying something.

The guests showed up at 8.

What does NATO stand for?
We should all stand up for our rights.

They started off their journey.

The students sat for their final exam.

Can you switch/turn on/off the light?

What he did took me aback.
He has taken after his father.
I couldn’t take in what he was saying.
He took on a difficult task.
He took up a new hobby.
I didn’t take to him right away.
I talked him into buying a small car.
The plane takes off in an hour.
Can you take off your shoes?
He took me out for dinner.

He teamed up with his enemy.

I can’t tell the twins apart.
His parents told him off for his bad marks.

We are thinking of buying a new car.

We threw away all our old furniture.

She tried out/on her new dress.

The kids usually turn in early at night.
She turned the thief in to the police.
She has turned into a horrible person.
How many people turned up?
He turned down the job because he didn’t like it.
Can you turn up/down the music?

Think about all your problems.

They washed up the dishes.

They wiped out the whole city.

She woke up late this morning.

They work out at the gym three days a week.
Can you work out this problem?

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