Passive Voice

Transitive Verbs (all tenses, infinitives, gerunds)

The police arrested the thief.
The thief was/got arrested (by the police).
He is going to/may fix the car.
The car is going to/may be fixed by him.
What did they steal?
What was stolen?
Everybody talked about the film.
The film was talked about (by everyone).
Snow covered the garden.
The garden was covered with snow.
He used glass to make this statue.
The statue was made of glass.
She likes people telling her the truth.
She likes being told the truth.
Wash this jacket.
The jacket must / should be washed.
He proposed/His proposal was that the plan be submitted in time.
It’s imperative/vital that the plan be submitted in time.

Ergative Verbs

The store sells books.
His new book sells well.
They finished the project.
The project finished.
They increased the prices.
The prices increased.
The pilot landed the plane.
The plane landed.
She baked the cake.
The cake baked for two hours.

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