Active Voice

All the students taking the test are nervous.
She saw a child crossing the road.
He heard a woman calling for help.
She watched/observed/noticed him painting.
I listened to him singing.
She smelled something burning.
He came home running.
She caught him cheating.
She found him crying in his room.
She left/kept him waiting outside.
She is busy doing the housework.
They spend their free time reading books.
He wasted his time watching television.
Did you feel the bed shaking?
Having used a pen, he couldn’t erase his mistakes.
Flying over lake, they saw a lot of people fishing.
Having punished the student, the teacher felt bad.
Her having punished him, he cried.
Not knowing all the answers, he didn’t finish the test.
His not knowing the answer to the question, his friend
helped him.
It being cold, I stayed home.
There being so many problems, he asked for help.
His coming to the party surprised me.
Being tired, he went to bed early.

Passive Voice

The criminal arrested was charged with robbery.
George, overwhelmed by anxiety, remained silent.
Punished by his teacher, John went home crying.
The letter written in a foreign language, he couldn’t
read it.
The letter not written in his native language, he
couldn’t read it.
Vegetables taste better when eaten raw.
The work done, he’ll go out.
His being chosen president gave him joy.

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