Countable Nouns/ Plurals

I don’t want these books, but the other ones.
Both scarves are beautiful.
Which cities have you visited?
There are some/a few/ few/a lot of/enough/some/ no boxes in the kitchen.
A great number of customers complained.
There aren’t any/many potatoes.
Both cliffs are dangerous.
There is a great number of reefs.
None of the chiefs came to the meeting.
The Eskimos are used to cold weather.
The flashes of lightning frightened me.
The police are looking for the robbers.
The media influence public opinion.
Financial crises affect all of us.
Which criteria are important?
Where are your belongings?
The army needs plenty of arms.
She paid for all the car damages.
She likes wearing earrings.
There is more green in the outskirts.
You can’t trespass the company’s premises.
The surroundings are magnificent.
I saw him on the stairs.
She has a two-year-old-son.

Uncountable Nouns

That furniture is old.
She wanted some advice.
All the information was useful.
No luggage is allowed on the plane.
She has got plenty of free time.
She puts a lot of/a little/little/enough/
some/ no sugar in her coffee.
Not all of the rubbish has been collected.
How much money have you spent?
There isn’t any/much bread left.
It was such bad weather that we stayed in.
What nice hair she’s got!
There is a great amount/deal of traffic.
Show respect to the old.
Their behaviour was terrible.
The lab equipment has been ordered.
Is there any evidence for his guilt?
They are making great progress.
Has all the research been done?
Accommodation is expensive on the island.
I am done with all my shopping.
Billiards is thought to be exciting.
It is gymnastics that the young like.
Physics/Mathematics is a difficult subject.
The news is bad.
Is the measles contagious?
Athletics/Politics is what she is interested in.
*What a shame!
*He’s got a good knowledge of history.

Collective Nouns

The audience is/were going wild.
The police is/are chasing the robbers.
The enemy is/are approaching.

Compound Nouns-Plural

She bought a rocking chair.
Computer screens are sensitive.
Fathers-in- law and mothers-in-law should treat their
sons-in-law and daughters-in-law like their own children.
All the passers-by tried to help the victim.
Sometimes children behave like grown-ups.

Possessive form of Nouns

Men’s and women’s rights should be respected.
John and Mary’s father is a doctor.
John’s and Mary’s parents are teachers.
Paris is the capital of France.
The roof of the house/The house roof is red.
Mum has gone to the florist’s.
The course deals with Socrates’ philosophy.
A friend of John’s sent me an email.
Her parents-in-law’s house is near theirs.

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