Active Voice

having done

Passive Voice

being done
having been done

Order of gerund: (one’s) (not) + ing

Having finished his work, he rested.
After his coming home, we will eat.
His not having done his homework, his teacher scolded

Verbs + doing

She likes/loves/enjoys painting.
He hates/dislikes/detests/loathes/resents washing the
She resisted being arrested.
He admitted (to) cheating.
She accused him of stealing her money.
She doesn’t mind working late.
He avoided talking to her.
She misses going to parties.
He can’t help laughing.
She appreciated his helping her.
It is (not) worth/It’s no use/It’s no good/There is no
point in crying.
She doesn’t feel like going out.
She practised playing the piano.
Excuse my saying that, but you’re wrong.
He postponed/put off meeting with her.
He delayed answering her phone call.
She denied bullying her classmates.
I can’t tolerate working in this heat.
He is considering changing jobs.
She remembers locking the door.
She forgot putting out her cigarette.
He finished cooking.
She proposed/suggested/recommend travelling by plane.
He dreads walking back home at night.
He allows looking up words on the Internet.
He advised revising.
She will stop/quit drinking.
I was/got used to living in a flat.
He was /got accustomed to flying.
He anticipated having a holiday.
The old man was reported missing.
She deferred doing her project.
She couldn’t endure walking in the cold.
His job entails/means/involves working long hours.
She evaded answering my questions.
He fancies listening to rock music.
Can you imagine living alone?
He never forgave her insulting him.
He never mentioned being fired.
He kept trying despite the problems.
I can’t recall/recollect ever seeing him.
She reported being bullied.
Being a technology lover, he risks being cut off from his
I don’t understand her being so rude.
He envisages travelling to space.
She regrets telling him her secrets.
He went on talking about his trip for hours.
She tried eating fish for the first time.
I am sorry for having made you wait.
My hair needs/requires/wants cutting/to be cut.
She intends leaving soon.
She continued explaining the problem.
He ceased to write/writing novels.
She started/began to complain/complaining.
She can’t stand/bear listening/to listen to loud music.
He couldn’t help laughing.

Gerunds as nouns

Drinking alcohol is bad for you.
Driving in the snow is dangerous.

Prepositions + gerunds

He has no intention of apologising to her.
He is keen on playing football.
Her parents object to her living alone.
She confessed/admitted to cheating.
Apart from/Besides/In addition to/As well as singing, he
He was in favour of going to the cinema.
She has difficulty (in) talking to people.
Your smoking will prevent you from being an athlete.
She looks forward to having a summer holiday.
I am sorry for having made you wait.
He is interested in playing tennis.

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