Emphasis and Inversion


I do/did like the film.
Why she said that is a mystery.
It’s a mystery why she said that.
What/All she wants is (to) study abroad.
What she did was stupid.
It’s Mary who kissed him.
It is her bag that he stole.
It was yesterday that she retired.
What is it that he wants?
That’s how she did it.
He talked to me the very same way.
The very John brought me these flowers.
He was not at all interested in her.
He was not interested in her at all.
He was not interested in her in the least/in the slightest.
He was not in the least/in the slightest interested in her.
There is no money whatsoever/at all.
Whoever told you that?
Whatever made you believe that?
You don’t mean George, do you?


Never have I seen him before.
Barely/Seldom does he understand her.
No sooner had he come home than she called him.
Hardly had he come home when she called him.
So polite is he that she really likes him.
Such a nice present was it that she felt touched.
So much did she work that she was tired.
To such an extent did he talk that the audience felt bored.
Only if/when you try, will you succeed.
Only by trying, will you succeed.
Not until she talked to him did she realise her mistake.
In vain did she try to change his mind.
Little did she know about history.
Here comes the train
On the bench sat the old woman.
On the beach was lying the boy.
She likes meat and so does her brother.
She is interested in the job as is her friend.
She won’t go out and neither will he.
Should she retire, she will travel a lot.
Were she to retire, she would travel a lot.
Had she retired, she’d have travelled a lot.

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