Causative and Other Have Structures

have sm do / get sm to do

He had them redo the exercises.
He got them to redo the exercises.
He may have the mechanic fix his car.
She should get him to cook lunch.
They are interested in having someone decorate their house.

have/get sth done

He had/got the car washed.
They may have their house decorated.
They are interested in having their house painted.

Be careful!
*Somebody stole his phone.
*He had his phone stolen.
*She got her finger cut while cutting the bread.

Other have structures

She told a joke and had them laughing.
The mechanic will soon have your car going.
She won’t have them talking in class.
She had a dog barking all night.
She had a robbery happen.
You won’t have any problem/difficulty (in) seeing the

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