The Definite Article

While in Rome, they visited the Vatican.
She always listens to the news on the BBC.
Greece is a member of the European Union.
The British enjoy drinking tea.
The lion is a wild animal.
She travelled to the United States of America.
I’d like to go the Bahamas.
The Browns live next door.
The young have a lot of dreams.
The English language is not very difficult.
The news was shocking.
They joined the army/the Navy.
Life in the past was different.
Life will be better in the future.
What’s life like in the present?
His mum went to the school to see his teacher.
The lawyer went to the prison to see his client.
Who are these people outside the church?

No Definite Article

A lot of people tried to climb Mount Everest.
Have you ever been to Lake Victoria?
He is reading Newsweek.
We are going to Rhodes.
Young people have a lot of dreams.
There are a lot of shops on Oxford Street.
They met at Syntagma Square.
Central Park is a big park.
The plane landed at Gatwick Airport.
He took a picture of London Bridge.
Diabetes is a serious illness.
Is there life on Mars (on the planet Mars)?
She went to school by bus.
He is working from home.
What time do you go to bed?
He has been in prison for two years now.
He goes to church every Sunday.
She has already read Chapter ten.
They are waiting at gate two.

The Indefinite Article

A John came to see you.
It was such a nice day that we went out.
It was so nice a day that we went out.
What a nice day!
How nice a day!
It was too heavy a box to lift.
He is as good a singer as I am.
He has a good knowledge of physics.
She wished me a Merry Christmas.

No Indefinite Article

She gave me advice.
There was serious damage to the car.
She left at midnight/dawn/dusk/sunrise/noon.
They arrived on time/in time.
She travelled from north to south.
The film was boring from beginning to end.
She lost consciousness.

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