Adjectives and Adverbs

Adjectives + noun

He is a smart girl.
*He painted the walls red.

Verb + adverb

He talked loudly.

Linking verbs + adjective

He became/was angry.
She remained calm.
She appears/seems/looks friendly.
The song sounds familiar.
The food tastes/smells good.
Her hair feels soft.
He got disappointed.
He grew tall.

Adverbs of degree + Adj/Adv

She is entirely wrong.
He is extremely intelligent.
He studies very hard.
He was a fairly good student.
He plays fairly well.
He was rather impolite.
He was rather taller than me.
They sang rather badly.
She is rather like/unlike me.
He is quite a good player.
He dances quite well.

Verbs +Manner –Place- Time

He spoke to me rudely in class yesterday.
Yesterday, he spoke to me rudely in class.

Verbs of movement +Place-Manner-Time

He came into class quickly yesterday.

Frequency Adverbs + verb

He never yells at me.
He doesn’t always do his homework.
*He is always late to class.
He will never be satisfied.

Adverbs +Sentence

Fortunately/Apparently, he won.

Adjective only after linking verbs

She became ill.
She fell asleep.
He looked embarrassed.
She is alive.
He is pleased.
He is content.
She is glad.

Adjectives only before nouns

the only /chief/ principal reason
the former president
the upper classes
the indoor/outdoor court

Comparisons/Adjectives and Adverbs

His new book is more interesting than his other books.
His new book is the most interesting of all his books.
He drives more carefully than I do.
He drives the most carefully of all.
She is the smarter of the two.
He is less interested in maths than she is.
He is the least interested in maths.
Is this the best you can do?
Her house is as big as mine.
Her house isn’t as/so big as mine.
He is as good a singer as I am.
He is becoming taller and taller.
He plays as well as the others.
He doesn’t play so/as well as the others.
The film was getting more and more boring.
She is much/far/a bit/ a little/slightly/a lot taller than I am.
He arrived much earlier than I had expected.
She is the tallest of all by far.
She is by far the tallest of all.
Of all the students, he is the best.
The older he gets, the wiser he becomes.
You aren’t any taller than she is.
He isn’t any better than I am.
You are no taller than she is.
This is the hardest exercise I have ever done.
I haven’t done such a difficult exercise before.
His interests are the same as/similar to mine.
He is twice as tall as I am.
He paid twice as much as I did.
I prefer/would prefer to stay home rather than go out.
I prefer walking to driving. /I prefer tea to coffee.
I’d rather/sooner go out than stay home.
He eats much too much.
It’s much too cold today.
He drank too much juice.
There is no comparison between you and him.

older / elder, oldest / eldest

He is my older/elder brother.
He is my oldest/eldest brother.
He is older than I am./He is the oldest of all.


He works as a teacher.
He is known as a creative person.
She is regarded as a patient teacher.
She is described/characterised as a friendlyemployee.
He did things as usual.
He accepted me as a friend.
She treats me as an enemy.
He referred to her new book as the best of all.
He is thought of as a tolerant employer.
He used the table as a desk.
He plays the guitar and sings as well.

Adjectives –ing /–ed

The excited children cheered.
I had a frightening experience.


He works like a dog.
She looks/is like her father.
What is your city like?
Please, don’t talk about him like that.
I don’t feel like going out.
It smells like burnt food.
I can’t tell what it tastes like.
Players, particularly like the ones in my team, try to do their best.
I know him and his like.
He studies art and the like.
Like/Unlike me, she loves walking.

further vs farther

further (adjective)

Do you need any further information?

farther (adverb)

I can’t walk any farther.

especially vs specially

He liked all the songs in the album,
especially/particularly the last one.
This is a specially designed car.

Ungradable Adjectives: No comparative or superlative

unique, final, perfect, utmost, ultimate, last

not at all/ not in the least

She wasn’t at all/in the least surprised.

Nouns as Adjectives

Put the letter in the desk drawer.

Confusing Adverbs

We flew direct to Paris.
She talked directly to her boss.
She always works hard.
She hardly goes out.
The water level remained high.
He thinks highly of her.
They ran short of supplies.
He will come shortly.
He answered everything right.
She was rightly angry with him.
They walked deep in the forest.
She was deeply in love.
You can visit the monument free.
She freely gave me her ticket.
She kept her mouth wide open.
It is widely believed that he will win.
I last saw him three months ago.
Lastly, I would like to thank my parents.
The book was pretty interesting.
Her room was prettily decorated.
He did everything wrong.
He wrongly thought I was the thief.


Her speech was absolutely ridiculous/brilliant/fantastic.
She is bitterly disappointed.
It is bitterly cold.
It’s boiling hot.
It is freezing cold.
He was deeply moved/offended.
She is fully aware of the effects.
He was greatly impressed/mistaken by her appearance.
He was highly qualified/trained.
Children can be incredibly naïve.
Don’t change it. It is just perfect.
The host was most kind.
It is quite possible that he’ll leave.
He is seriously ill.
She is being totally unreasonable.
She is utterly/completely hopeless.
It is simply wonderful/marvelous.


Only John came to the party. = Nobody else but John came to the party.
He gave me only money. = He didn’t give me anything else but money.
She is the only child. = She has no brothers or sisters.
She gave money only to me. = She didn’t give money to anyone else but me.

Order of Adjectives

Opinion - size - age - shape - colour - origin - material - use Noun
nice small old round black English wooden dining tables

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