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Would you like to learn English? Would you like to be able to speak and write Greek like a native? Do you want to explore Art History or just study for an Art History exam? If yes, then...

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I am Ioannis and this is my app. I am here to help you learn about Greece. Whether you plan to visit, or move to, Greece or just want to learn more about Greek language, this is a great place to start. I provide online private tutoring sessions for students and adult learners. Studying Ancient Greek and Greek mythology could be a vital element in accessing art and its history due to their countless references from classical to contemporary times.

This brings us to why one should learn about history of art. Apart from succeeding in an exam or just passing a semester, art history sessions can reinforce your visual understanding skills. We all are being surrounded by images! Getting acquainted with the history of an image, we also learn the history of the culture in which it was produced. Through travelling images, we are exposed to networks of cultural communications. And, through these networks we learn the way a culture perceived another one. The history of art becomes the history of ourselves.

Further, apart from visual communication, the verbal one is equally significant in our culture. The English Language, in our time, offers a common platform of such communication. The goal of learning a second, or a foreign, language is to be able to communicate effectively and fluently in the desired situation. Scoring high in a test does not guarantee you this ability; nevertheless, it is an important indicator of precedence in the academic, professional, or business world.





Learning a foreign language is best done when you converse directly with the native speaker of that language. You can also customize your learning in our one to one session. Maybe you want to focus on the Greek alphabet, grammar, vocabulary, writing, or conversation.


Aside from exploring the natural wonders of modern Greece, you can also learn Ancient Greek language, mythology, art, and history. My teaching experience has equipped me with an Anthology of Ancient Greek prose texts which I have compiled for the study of the Ancient Greek language.


Would you like to prepare for any Cambridge or Michigan exam, TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS? I can help you understand what you should do to improve your English and achieve your best test score. I will guide you through each section (Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking) using official preparation material and authentic exam papers, while providing the essential test-taking strategies and tips.


Over the years, I have worked in archaeological sites and museums, and garnered much experience as an art historian in several parts of Europe (Greece, Italy, France and United Kingdom) and the United States. Concurrently, I have tutored Art History (AP Art History and A level). More, my academic background lends itself perfectly to the tutoring of the History of Art, which I am very well versed in and passionate about.


Do you need any help with your homework? I can help you on homework or assignment for Art History, Modern Greek language, Ancient Greek language, and English as Second, or Foreign, Language. Just contact me!

If you are ready to join me in an amazing adventure, download my app and discover with me languages, arts, histories, and cultures!

Note: Contact me for more information, and schedule online face-to-face private sessions. I look forward to meeting you!

More, I strive to create the best user experience. If you experience any issue using my app, please, contact me by email, and I will fix the issue as soon as possible.

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