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Oral History in the Visual Arts | Book

Editor(s): Matthew Partington, Linda Sandino

About Oral History in the Visual Arts

Interviews are becoming an increasingly dominant research method in art, craft, design, fashion and textile history. This groundbreaking text demonstrates how artists, writers and historians deploy interviews as creative practice, as 'history', and as a means to insights into the micro-practices of arts production and identity that contribute to questions of 'voice', authenticity, and authorship.

Through a wide range of case studies from international scholars and practitioners across a variety of fields, the volume maps how oral history interviews contribute to a relational practice that is creative, rigorous and ethically grounded. Oral History in the Visual Arts is essential reading for students, researchers and practitioners across the visual arts.

Table Of Contents

Introduction: Oral History in and about Art, Craft and Design - Linda Sandino, V&A/CCW Graduate School, University of the Arts London, UK

Part One: Arts Practices
The Body Event: Voice and Recorded Histories in the Creation of a Sound Installation Based on the Ideas of the Work of Artist John Latham - David Toop, sound artist and writer, UK

De Mudder Tongue: Oral History Work as an Arts Practice - Michael Mcmillan, artist, writer and curator, UK

Private Voices and Public Places: Using Oral Histories in Site-specific Text-based Art - Bettina Furnée, artist and Ian Horton, University of the Arts London, UK

Chronicle from the Field - Alexandra Handal, artist, UK

History in the Making; the Use of Talk in Inter-disciplinary Collaborative Craft Practice - David Gates, , furniture maker, UK

Part Two: Histories
On Quality: Curators at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, (1935-2010) - Richard Cándida Smith, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Voices in Art History - Liz Bruchet, Association of Art Historians, UK

Speaking of Craft: The Nanette L. Laitman Documentation Project for Craft and Decorative Arts in America - Liza Kirwin, Smithsonian's Archives of American Art, USA

The Museum as a Work of Art: Interviewing Museum Architects, Engineers, and Builders - Anne Ritchie, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., USA

Oral History Work with Tibetan and Nepalese Metalworkers, (1986-1991) - John Clarke, Victoria & Albert Museum, UK

The Death of Small Things: The Cork Craftsman's Guild (1973-1984) - Eleanor Flegg, freelance writer and broadcaster, Ireland

Part Three: Identities
The Craft of Conversation: Oral History and Lesbian Feminist Art Practice - Ann Cvetkovich, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Crafty Chats or Whose Craft is It Anyway? Domestic Discourse and Making Marginality Matter - Jo Turney, Bath Spa University, UK

Feedsack Fashion in Rural Appalachia: a Social History of Women's Experiences in Ashe County, North Carolina, (1929-1956) - Natalya Buckel, independentscholar, USA

Covering Up - Claire Wilcox, Victoria & Albert Museum, UK

From Punk to the Hijab: Women's Embodied Dress as Performative Resistance, 1970s to the Present - Shehnaz Suterwalla, Royal College of Art, UK

Becoming an Artist: Life Histories and Visual Images - Maria Tamboukou, University of East London, UK and Gali Weiss, artist, Melbourne, Australia

Narratives in Practice: the Small and Big Stories of Design - Arlene Oak, University of Alberta, Canada

Conclusion: Oral History and Research Ethics in the Visual Arts: Current and Future Challenges - Matthew Partington, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK
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