AAH Oral Histories

The Association of Art Historians held its first official meeting at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts in 1974. It was open to “all of those who are directly concerned with the advancement of the study of the history of art”, and within one year over 500 art historians had joined the newly formed AAH.

But what exactly prompted the formation of the Association of Art Historians? Why was such an Association needed? How did it take shape? And what of its impact on the discipline, nationally and internationally, both then and now?

AAH Oral Histories explores these questions through a series of audio interviews conducted with art historians involved with AAH during its founding era. Highlights of these recordings, as well as a 3-part podcast programme Voices in Art History, can be heard by clicking on the links below. The complete AAH Oral Histories recordings will soon to be accessible to researchers through the Archive of Art and Design at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Further information about the project's scope and methods can be found here.

source: http://www.aah.org.uk/projects/oral-history

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