Aby Warburg Metamorphosis and Memory

It arrived today, and watched twice in a row!
A little bit of spoiler....

"Ebreo di sangue, amburghese di cuore, d'anima fiorentino" this is the starting moto-phrase of the film; in which "The life and after-life of Aby Warburg and his library" could act as an alternate title, or subtitle. "Aby Warburg Metamorphosis and Memory" is an important documentary, or non-fiction, film, in 8 chapters (plus 1 chapter - the credits). Moreover, it is a genuine source of oral art history.
(In order of appearance) John Prag (grandson of Aby Warburg), Joseph Koerner, Claudia Wedepohl, Andreas Beyer, Michael Diers, David Freedberg, David Stimilli, Uwe Fleckner and Charles Hope take us into an intellectual art history journey through Warburg's life, work and thoughts; from Warburg's Nacheleben to today's ISIS propaganda. From Hamburg to Bonn and Strasbourg, then Florence, then America to Pueblo country, to New Mexico, etc. While, his studies and his mental condition take a central part in this oral art history narrative.
More, all this intellectual journey is lavishly illustrated with photographs and archival material from The Warburg Institute Archive, University of London, the Warburg-Haus, Hamburg, the University of Southern California Libraries and many more...
Written, directed, produced and narrated by Jubith Wechsler, this film is dedicated in the memory of Sveltana Boym (1959–2015) and Yolanda Sonnabend (1935–2015).

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