Giorgio Vasari in Renaissance News, Studies in the Renaissance and Renaissance Quarterly. Bibliographic data (1950-2014/2)


Renaissance Quarterly had been originally launched as Renaissance News , 1948-1966 (Vols. 1-19) absorbing, in 1974 Studies in the Renaissance , 1954-1974 (Vols. 1-21) continuing up to day as RQ (ISSN: 00344338, E-ISSN: 19350236). Today, apart from in physical format, RQ is also available in .mobi and .epub digital format; while certain featured book reviews are provided through an open access scheme. Renaissance Quarterly is published by the University of Chicago Press, on behalf of the Renaissance Society of America

Quoting: “Renaissance Quarterly is the leading international and interdisciplinary journal of Renaiswsance studies, encouraging connections between different scholarly approaches to bring together material spanning the period from 1300 to 1650.  The official journal of The Renaissance Society of America, the journal publishes international scholarship from diverse disciplines such as art history; architecture; book history; classical tradition; comparative literature; English, French, Germanic, Hispanic, and Italian literature; Hebraica; history; humanism; legal and political thought; religion; medicine and science; paleography and manuscript tradition; musicology; and many, many more.See and (last accessed 05/08/14).

The Giorgio Vasari project had been originally created, in 2010, in order, to bring together in one place, for further research and reference, all literature on the Florentine writer, painter and architect, among others. However, regarding the advances in digital research nowadays, this project aims also to explore these new means, yet without losing its original character and continuing accumulating Vasari related data, projects and announcements.

In the realms of digital research in art history, challenging the ways of presenting bibliography comes natural. The bibliography arranged, here, in chronological order may help us trace, if not visualise, apart from the history of this particular periodical, the history of Giorgio Vasari research in the spectrum of Renaissance News (RN) andRenaissance Quarterly (RQ), and the intellectual history of art history advances. Or, that way, in general, one may simply visually, inevitably, follow an argument. However in order to achieve this goal, at this stage, one should either already the story narrated by the bibliographic sequence or one might have to read the full text of the references first.

For the creation of list, I followed the steps. An advance search based on Journal Storage (JSTOR) website, limited to Articles and Reviews (Date of search August 01, 2014). JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources. I used the following search query: “(giorgio vasari) AND jid: (j100628 OR j100339),” which brought back 646 results – 204 Articles and 442 Reviews entries. j100628 is the JSTOR code for RN and  j100339 for RQ. In addition, 35 search results were added through the query “(giorgio vasari) AND jid:(j100472);” j100472 stands for Studies in the Renaissance.  All the results collected were exported as RIS file and imported into EndNote; so I could be able to consult them offline. Subsequently, they had been uploaded and arranged chronologically (Publication year, Ascending) on RefWorks and exported in Chicago 15th Edition (Author and Date system) style. The titles of the books in review have been added manually.

As this has, mainly, been a digital investigation on the possibilities of bibliography and reference management software, the results of the search query have not been checked yet individually, as to whether the search keyword corresponds to the intended results. Semantic gap. The final list may, indeed, be shorter.

Note: Even though the author is an e-subscriber to RQ, and a student member of the RSA, having, thus, free access to the content of periodical, this digital bibliographic endeavour is being also possible using the free catalogue provided by JSTOR; as this had been case for this short notice and bibliographic data.

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